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Satisfaction Guarantee

Shepherdson Transport is a local company with local knowledge of where to go, what to see and the best way to get there!

  • We operate an extensive modern school bus fleet, with coach style seats, seat belts, air conditioning and CD / DVD operations.

  • We can cater for groups from 15 to 20 up to 300 or so utilizing our 22 seat coasters, 39 seat and 57 seat buses as required.

  • We offer flexibility – what you want we can deliver, If you don’t know what you want, we can provide solutions.

  • We cater for all groups from school children on day excursions and camps, to corporate groups covering excursions, site visits, dinner transfers and shuttle services between venues.

  • We have the backing of 30 years experience as bus operators throughout our region, with experienced and knowledgeable personnel to cover any contingencies that may arise.

  • We guarantee that your satisfaction is our priority.

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